Helpful Guide Post-Piercing Session

Getting and taking care of your piercing can be a breeze! Here’s how:

Basic Aftercare

Oral Piercing

Do Not(s)


  • Wait 8 weeks before changing the jewelry that was put in today.
  • Wash your hands before cleaning your piercing.
  • Clean your piercing 3 times a day with sterile saline solution (recommended is NeilMed) morning, midafternoon, and night before you go to bed.
  • Clean once a day with antibacterial soap as well (recommended is Gold Dial soap).
  • Spray the NeilMed on a Q-tip and lightly clean around the front, back, top, and bottom of the piercing.
  • When you take a shower or clean your face, be sure to thoroughly rinse your piercing to ensure no residual cleaning products are left on your piercing, once done, allow the piercing to air dry.
  • Make sure to clean or change your sheets and towels weekly.
  • With clean hands, daily check the threaded ends of the jewelry to ensure they are tight.

Including all steps from basic aftercare, rinse your mouth with mouthwash (recommended is Biotene alcohol free as you are able to use it as often as you'd like, otherwise Gold Listerine at a max of 3 times a day) after eating, drinking, or smoking.

  • DO NOT twist, rotate, push back, pull forward or otherwise touch the piercing if not ABSOLUTE-LY necessary, the more you touch the piercing the longer it takes to heal.
  • DO NOT use rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or ointments such as A&D, bacitracin, Neosporin, or aquafor to clean piercings.
  • DO NOT apply beauty products of ANY SORT to your healing piercing.
  • DO NOT change the jewelry until the piercing is completely healed (approx. 8 weeks)
  • Please keep in mind that SOME bleeding is completely normal and can occur 24-48 hours of getting pierced.
  • During healing SOME discoloration, itching, or discharge (white-yellow in color, NOT pus) can occur.
  • A piercing may seem fine before the healing process is completed, however that does not mean it is completely healed, the process requires patience and care directly from you.
  • It is important for you to stay healthy, the more healthy you are the easier the piercing will heal.
  • Avoid submerging the piercing in any body of water without covering it completely with a water-proof bandage (recommended is Clean Seals).
  • Leave the jewelry in at all times, removing the piercing even once for any length of time may cause the piercing hole to prematurely shrink or close regardless of age.



Drink Water!

If you're not hydrated, your body cannot perform its best. You may feel tired, have muscle cramps or have dizziness. So, if you’re dehydrated you may heal slower.



Your skin will heal better if it's moisturized


Come Well-Rested!

Being well-rested is important for most physically draining activities. If you’re tired, getting tattooed will not be fun.


No Alcohol!

Drinking alcohol is dehydrating to your organs and skin.



No sun exposure or tanning beds. We will NOT tattoo sunburned or sun damaged skin. Self-tanner also affects your skin, so hold off on that as well.

Day Of:


Eat Well!

Please don’t get tattooed on an empty stomach. Your nerves and blood sugar can do funny things to your body when those endorphins kick in.


Bring a Drink!

Water is preferable. Stay hydrated!


No Exercise!

Work outs can cause swelling and muscle discomfort.


Hands Off the Tattoo!

Please do NOT touch your new tattoo with unclean hands.


Dress for the Tattoo

Where will your tattoo be going? Make sure you wear comfortable clothing that can also allow easy access for your tattoo to be applied. There are many ways to not be overexposed for certain tattoos as well. Yes, you can even bring a blanket. We’ll be spending some time together, make yourself at home.



I get it, you’re in pain and you want to hold your breath, but it will make you a lot more uncomfortable. Finding a natural breath will allow your body more control and keep you relaxed and muscles less tense.


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