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Thundering Shrimp Tattoo isn’t merely a tattoo studio; it’s a distinctive and unparalleled experience. Nestled just a short drive from Morehead City in the heart of Emerald Isle, NC, our establishment serves as a sanctuary for those seeking artistic inspiration through ink. Our studio is a refuge for art connoisseurs, beach aficionados, and anyone in search of a serene environment for self-expression. Enter our relaxed oasis, where the harmony of ocean waves and the vibrant hues of beach life converge, giving rise to an atmosphere that’s truly unparalleled. Come visit us and experience it firsthand!

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Morehead City, NC Tattoos & Piercings

Serving Morehead City, North Carolina


We cater to Every Body at Thundering Shrimp Tattoo. Our objective is to foster an inclusive environment where all customers feel at ease while we collaborate to craft your ideal tattoo. With our seasoned artists boasting over two decades of experience, we possess the expertise to meticulously design precisely what you desire. Allow us to transform your concepts into reality. We offer the flexibility of both scheduled appointments and walk-in services to accommodate your preferences. If you happen to be in Morehead City or nearby, a quick drive to our shop is all it takes to explore your ideas with us and embark on the journey of creating your next masterpiece.

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Meet Our Artists

Taylor Costa

Tattoo Expert

Kenya Skornik

Tattoo Apprentice

Chris Hoosier

Piercing Alchemist

Mason Flythe

Front Desk Manager

Tattoos Morehead City NC

Thundering Shrimp Tattoo serves tattoo and piercing clients throughout Eastern North Carolina, including: 

Atlantic Beach, Beaufort, Cape Carteret, Emerald Isle, Swansboro

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What People Are Saying

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