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At Thundering Shrimp Tattoo, we’re not just a tattoo studio; we’re an experience like no other. Located just down the road from Atlantic Beach in the heart of Emerald Isle, NC, we are a sanctuary for ink and inspiration. Our studio is a haven for art lovers, beach enthusiasts, and anyone seeking a tranquil space to express themselves. Step into our laid-back oasis, where the waves and the colors of beach life merge to create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere. Stop on by and see for yourself!

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Atlantic Beach, NC Tattoos & Piercings

Serving Atlantic Beach, North Carolina


We work on Every Body. Our goal is to create an environment where we can make all customers comfortable and help create your perfect tattoo. With over 20+ years of experience, our knowledgeable artists can help design exactly what you are looking for. Let us bring your ideas to life. We accept both appointments and walk-ins. If you’re in Atlantic Beach, take a short drive and stop by our shop. Show us your ideas and let us help you create your next masterpiece.

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Meet Our Artists

Taylor Costa

Tattoo Expert

Kenya Skornik

Tattoo Apprentice

Chris Hoosier

Piercing Alchemist

Mason Flythe

Front Desk Manager

Tattoos Atlantic Beach NC

Thundering Shrimp Tattoo serves tattoo and piercing clients throughout Eastern North Carolina, including: 

Atlantic Beach, Beaufort, Cape Carteret, Emerald Isle, Swansboro

What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

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