Chris Hoosier

Piercing Alchemist
Piercing and Jewelry
2 Years


Hello, my name is Chris. I started my piercing career in October of 2021 at Gypsy Rose Tattoo. I have been working in the jewelry industry for a number of years. I am a GIA (Gem Institute of America), AJP (Accredited Jewelry Professional, and a CPAA (Cultured Pearl Association of America) expert. My favorite part about piercing is seeing the joy on people’s faces after they see their new piercing in the mirror for the first time. Outside of the shop, I love painting and hanging out with my wife and kids. We love going out on new adventures and picking out movies for all of us to watch at home.

You can view the rest of my piercing portfolio as well as ask any questions you may have regarding piercing on my Instagram.


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